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You fly to Copenhagen in Denmark, stay overnight and fly with www.airgreenland.com to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland, where i pick you up in the airport.

Even thow is possible to fly direct over Copenhagen, its more safe to stay overnight in Copenhagen, and if you come from far away 2 nights is better. Its up to you to get here on the correct date.

Please remember to by your tickets in good time, because they might be sold out in peak season and during special occations in Greenland. Or only expensive ones might be availably.

It is possible to fly over Iceland - Nuuk/Ilulissat - Kangerlussuaq, but i do not reccommend that. Delays due to bad weather, and few departures might delay your arrival here by days.

From 2025 flights go over Nuuk and not Kangerlussuaq like now. So by then you take a domestic flight to get to Kangerlussuaq from Nuuk. The new airport gets better equipment than now, so there should be better regularity for flights. The new flight routes will probably not make much difference when coming from europe, but it should be easier getting here from north america.  


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