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This description is for 2024 and 2025, there will be changes in 2026, please read under Hunting Tours 2026.

Our octoberhunts is in our other conscession area nr 11. A beautifull area where you can see the inlandice from camp.


Octoberhunt is a bit colder, can be down to minus 20 celcius, men still long days, and not really cold weather as it is just the start of winter. So its almost like winterhunt..


The hunt is still traditional hunt on foot like in august and september, but when there is snow we can use plastic sled to pull meat and trophy on.


Our succesrate for musk-ox in the area is over 95%, but the last couple of years we had a little fewer musk-ox in the area, especially late october, so for future hunts we still promish 95% succes, but only 75% chance of a big bull.


Our succesrate for caribou in october er 100%, and we usually have real good hunts where we see more big bulls each day.


Our camp is at a big lake right in front of the huntingarea. Big heated kitchentent, and heated mobile cabin for sleeping. Tents for our gear.


Bring your own sleepingbag, there will be minimum +5 celcius in the slede cabins at night.


Transport from Kangerlussuaq is with car the first 20 km until we are at the big lake, from here we sail all stuff over the lake to the camp. If there is heavy wind it might be nescessary to walk around the lak eto camp.


There will be 1 guide pr two hunters.


Food is normal food, oatmeal with milk, bred and cold cuts, hot food in the evening where we mostly eat the huntes animals, and there will be tea and coffe.

Its okay to enjoy a beer or a whiskey or two in the evening, but not during the hunt.



Day 1, arrival with airplane, transport to camp.

Day 2-5, hunt from camp.

Day 6, transport back to Kangerlussuaq

You can not fly home on day 6, you have to book airplane for day 7.


After the hunt you can stay free of charge on Kangerlussuaq Youth Hostel for a few days.


As with all hunting, even thow our succesrate is high, we cant gurante you will get your animal. So please be realistic with your expectations, and alot depends on your fitness, and skill with a rifle.


After you got your musk-ox, if there is more time there is small game hunt on snowhare, ptharmigans, raven and fox included.


You can bring up to 5 kg meat back home from your animals, as frozen meat it can be brought do Denmark without any restrictions.


We bring safety equipment and sattellite phone on all hunts. 

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